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Why do I write music?

My musings about composing.

Sally Whitham-Shaw
Sally Whitham-Shaw

I write music because I love it. It’s a way to express myself. It’s often difficult to describe an emotion, whether it be sad or happy, but somehow music expresses it more effectively.

I’ve written poems and prose for as long as I can remember. I have writings from way back into my teenage years, and they read like a journal. They express the thoughts and feelings I had at the time and I find that fascinating. Perhaps I didn’t have enough people around me that I could talk to, or at least people who I could entrust with my thoughts and emotions. I don’t think that’s unusual. We’re all quite timid in ways.

So, I think my music and songs have been my therapy, a way to release my emotions, a way to keep stable. This was important to me, especially with having grown up in an era when people saw it as a weakness. Thankfully that seems to be changing now, and greater importance is being given to mental health. I applaud that.

I also find great pleasure in listening to other people’s music. We all have our favourites, and I’m sure that’s because a particular piece of music can trigger off a memory or an emotion we want to release. More and more studies are being made about the effect that music has on people. Some of it is chemical, but I’m sure there’s more to it than that. I find it fascinating!!

So, I now find myself at an age where I feel able to share all my thoughts and my music. I hope that my music touches you. Whether or not you like it, I hope at least it evokes some sort of response. I would like you to listen to my music, perhaps perform it, and take away what you will from it.